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OTK printing & packaging a.s.

“Obchodní Tiskárny Kolín a.s.”  has a long tradition. The plant was founded by Prague typographer J. L. Bayer in 1879.

In 1912, the J. L. Bayer plant became a joint-stock company that exported its products to Poland, Romania, Italy and Hungary, among others. In its modern history, the company has experienced major developments thanks to new investments in the period 1995-2001.

As part of further investments in subsequent years, the company has a wide range of printing technologies, including gravure, flexographic and digital printing. As part of its production program, the company supplies its clients with flexible packaging, graphic labels and self-adhesive labels. The client portfolio includes large multinational companies as well as medium-sized and smaller local clients.


Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is an effective solution for packaging a variety of products. It is thin, flexible and easy to shape packaging made from a variety of materials such as plastic, foil, aluminium and paper. It can be single- or multi-layered.

It is used to package goods and protect them from external influences such as moisture, light and air.

The production of flexible packaging also offers environmental benefits as it is easier to recycle and thus minimises waste. We offer a wide range of packaging in different sizes, shapes and designs.

It is designed to be as functional as possible and protect your products from damage and contamination.


Graphic labels

Graphic labels are mainly used in the beverage and food industry. We use various technologies for printing that guarantee optimal results. Our technology allows us to produce paper, polypropylene and shrink-sleeve graphic labels. We can print on a variety of materials to fully meet customer requirements. Labels are supplied as die-cut, cut or in rolls.


Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels represent a separate product group for a very wide range of applications, from permanent to removable, logistics and security labels. They are manufactured from a wide range of materials and adhesives, the combinations of which allow for both general and highly specialised applications.

We print using modern flexo, UV flexo and digital printing technologies. Thanks to the modern technologies used in the production of self-adhesive labels we can guarantee the best results.

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OTK printing & packaging a.s.

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OTK printing & packaging a.s.

Plynárenská 233
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Czech Republic

IČ: 17100950

The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained
by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert 27253.

OTK printing & packaging a.s.

Flexible packaging:
Petra Oplová (CZ, EN)
mobil: +420 604 889 894
email: petra.oplova(@)otk.cz

Graphic labels:
Luboš Hájek (CZ, EN)
mobil: +420 604 888 577
email: lubos.hajek(@)otk.cz

Klára Doležalová (CZ, EN)
mobil: +420 601 079 793
email: klara.dolezalova(@)otk.cz

Self-adhesive labels:
Martin Cvik (CZ, DE)
mobil: +420 603 111 717
email: ales.paula(@)otk.cz

Michaela Hermanová (CZ, EN)
mobil: +420 602 175 196
email: michaela.hermanova(@)otk.czE

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